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Saxophonist, Dr. Alvin McKinney, is known around the world as ‘THE PRIME MINISTER OF JOYFUL JAZZ’. He is the CEO of Prophetic Management & Entertainment, and the Co-Pastor & Minister of Music for Redeemer Church of Christ – Power of God Ministries. He was the host of “THE JOYFUL JAZZ SHOW,” and “JOYFUL JAZZ MINISTRIES”. He’s an Artist/Clinician with The Buffet Group USA/Julius Keilwerth Saxophones, Beechler Mouthpieces, Legere Reeds LTD, Neotech Neck Straps, Rovner Product Ligatures, Hercules Stands, Audio-Technica, Inc. Microphones, and KORG USA Keyboards; also, Founder of…

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